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R&D Projects (since 2014)

  1. 2014.01.~ 2014.06. Development of Smart Electric Controlled Bollard Considering Human-care, Space Core Co. Ltd.

  2. 2014.07.~ 2014.11. Development of an Automatic Controlled Blood Pressure Regulation Device for Curing the Blood Circulation Problem by Monitoring the Pulse Wave Velocity(PWV) of the Artery, Space Core Co. Ltd.

  3. 2014.07.~ 2014.11. Design Development of a Single Seater Electric Vehicle Powered by Photovoltaic Cells, Industry-University Cooperation Foundation(SeoulTech)

  4. 2014.07.~ 2015.01. Development of a Water Tap with Relief Valve for Air Jet for Water Savings, Industry-University Cooperation Foundation(SeoulTech)

  5. 2014.10.~ 2014.12. Performance Evaluation of the 6kW Class Hybrid Electric Water Boiler for Domestic Use, E&S Tech. Co. Ltd.

  6. 2014.11.~ 2016.11. Commercialization of the Electric Controlled Smart Bollard System for Traffic Control and Public Safety, Korea Ministry of Science & ITC.

  7. 2014.12.~ 2017.09. Development of a Vertical-type Crossflow Wind Turbine for Power Generation, Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

  8. 2015.05.~ 2015.09. Performance Evaluation of a Single Seater Electric Vehicle with CVT Power Transmission, Seo-Il University.

  9. 2015.05.~ 2015.12. Development of a Manuel-type Easy Access Water Flushing System of Toilet without an Electric Sensor, Korea Minister of SMEs and Startups.

  10. 2015.07.~ 2015.12. Development of a Low-Cost Air Heating System with Radiative Solar Heat Energy, Kunyung Engineering Co. Ltd.

  11. 2015.12.~ 2016.03. Development of Wearable Device with LED Lamps indicating Location and Direction, A ONE Chemical Co. Ltd.

  12. 2017.05.~ 2018.04. A Numerical Analysis on Ducted Ahmed Model as a New Approach to Improve Aerodynamic Performance of Electric Vehicle, Industry-University Cooperation Foundation. (SeoulTech)

  13. 2018.10.~ 2019.12. Development of an Active Controlled Electric Bollard System with Optical Beam Sensors, Korea Institute of Manufacturing Engineering.

  14. 2019.11.~ 2020.01. Performance Evaluation of Chemical Additives of Hydro-carbon Fuels for Gasoline and Diesel Engines; Engine Dynamometer and Proving Ground Test, EnerPower Co. Ltd.

  15. 2020.11.~ 2021.05. Development of thermal energy management system of the battery pack of green vehicles, S&J Tech Co. Ltd.

  16. 2021.08.~ 2022.07. A Numerical Study on The Effect of Shape Change of Fuel Injector Nozzle of the MGT Engine on Generation of Mixture Gas, Industry-University Cooperation Foundation (SeoulTech)

  17. 2022.07.~ 2022.12. Proto-type Model Design of Electric Controlled Retractable Bollard, Korea Ministry of Science & ITC.

  18. 2022.09.~ 2023.08. Establisnment of Research Center of Excellence in ASTU, Ethiopia, Foundation of Industry-Academy Coopration, Inha University. 

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