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R&D Projects (since 2014)

  1. 2014.01.~ 2014.06. Development of Smart Electric Controlled Bollard Considering Human-care, Space Core Co. Ltd.

  2. 2014.07.~ 2014.11. Development of an Automatic Controlled Blood Pressure Regulation Device for Curing the Blood Circulation Problem by Monitoring the Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) of the Artery, Space Core Co. Ltd.

  3. 2014.07.~ 2014.11. Design Development of a Single Seater Electric Vehicle Powered by Photovoltaic Cells, Industry-University Cooperation Foundation (SeoulTech)

  4. 2014.07.~ 2015.01. Development of a Water Tap with Relief Valve for Air Jet for Water Savings, Industry-University Cooperation Foundation (SeoulTech)

  5. 2014.10.~ 2014.12. Performance Evaluation of the 6kW Class Hybrid Electric Water Boiler for Domestic Use, E&S Tech. Co. Ltd.

  6. 2014.11.~ 2016.11. Commercialization of the Electric Controlled Smart Bollard System for Traffic Control and Public Safety, Korea Ministry of Science & ITC.

  7. 2014.12.~ 2017.09. Development of a Vertical-type Crossflow Wind Turbine for Power Generation, Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

  8. 2015.05.~ 2015.09. Performance Evaluation of a Single Seater Electric Vehicle with CVT Power Transmission, Seo-Il University.

  9. 2015.05.~ 2015.12. Development of a Manuel-type Easy Access Water Flushing System of Toilet without an Electric Sensor, Korea Minister of SMEs and Startups.

  10. 2015.07.~ 2015.12. Development of a Low-Cost Air Heating System with Radiative Solar Heat Energy, Kunyung Engineering Co. Ltd.

  11. 2015.12.~ 2016.03. Development of Wearable Device with LED Lamps indicating Location and Direction, A ONE Chemical Co. Ltd.

  12. 2017.05.~ 2018.04. A Numerical Analysis on Ducted Ahmed Model as a New Approach to Improve Aerodynamic Performance of Electric Vehicle, Industry-University Cooperation Foundation. (SeoulTech)

  13. 2018.10.~ 2019.12. Development of an Active Controlled Electric Bollard System with Optical Beam Sensors, Korea Institute of Manufacturing Engineering.

  14. 2019.11.~ 2020.01. Performance Evaluation of Chemical Additives of Hydro-carbon Fuels for Gasoline and Diesel Engines; Engine Dynamometer and Proving Ground Test, EnerPower Co. Ltd.

  15. 2020.11.~ 2021.05. Development of thermal energy management system of the battery pack of green vehicles, S&J Tech Co. Ltd.

  16. 2021.08.~ 2022.07. A Numerical Study on The Effect of Shape Change of Fuel Injector Nozzle of the MGT Engine on Generation of Mixture Gas, Industry-University Cooperation Foundation (SeoulTech)

  17. 2022.07.~ 2022.12. Proto-type Model Design of Electric Controlled Retractable Bollard, Korea Ministry of Science & ITC.

  18. 2022.09.~ 2023.08. Establisnment of Research Center of Excellence in ASTU, Ethiopia, Foundation of Industry-Academy Coopration, Inha University. 

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